How To Find A Good CBD Concentrate Wholesale Company

The Cannabidiol consumer products market is a multibillion-dollar industry. According to a Grand View Research analysis, the worldwide CBD industry was valued at $20.3 billion in 2019. And it’s likely to expand even faster, at a compound annual rate of more than 25% until 2027.

That’s an exciting moment to get involved in this field. With so many people consuming CBD, the potential for development is undeniable. Finding a good wholesale partner is critical if you want to establish a new CBD product business from the bottom up or expand your existing brand to include CBD items. This article will go over things to look for while looking for a reputable CBD concentrate wholesale company. Once you’ve identified the qualities of a credible CBD distributor, you’ll be able to start the verification process with confidence.

Qualities of a Good CBD Concentrate Wholesale Company

Check out the brief  qualities of a good CBD concentrate wholesale company by the infographic given below:

There are many factors to take into account when looking for a good CBD concentrate wholesale company, and they need to be a licensed and trusted seller for you to be able to sell the product legally and safely. Let’s have a look at the top 7 points to look out for when you are choosing the perfect company to be your perfect CBD concentrate wholesale company:

Do they conduct third-party testing?

It’s important to check if the wholesaler conducts third party testing, that ensures the product meets all legal requirements and is completely safe. Offers a whole range of different CBD concentrates and other related products. When looking for the perfect wholesale company, you will often find a very limited stock list, it’s good to find a CBD concentrate wholesale company with a wide variety and the ability to purchase full spectrum CBD concentrate and other niche products that are becoming increasingly popular.

Preferably THC free

There is a law in most countries that CBD is widely used, that you can have a maximum of 0.2% THC in any one product, meaning if your supplier can provide you with completely THC products, you know for sure you will never have a problem.

The company is sustainable and eco-friendly

While you want the products provided from the wholesale company to be as eco-friendly as possible, for our customers and the environment, this is the same with any CBD extraction process.

A trusted company

There are lots of big CBD concentrate wholesale companies around, and many of them have thousands of reviews. It’s always worth going with a company that has been tried and tested before you and has a wide span of good reviews over a few years. Choose a company that fits your brand image. If your supplier suits your brand image down to a tee, then you will have no issue integrating their products into your store. You want their product to fit your standard and the image that you want to show to the world.

Value for money

You need to make sure that the company’s products are good value for money so that you can re-sell them for a good price. It’s an ever-expanding market and the price and quality are what sets you apart from other similar brands. More often than not, if you regularly purchase products from the same wholesaler in bulk, it will be a lot cheaper over time.

Finding the best CBD concentrate wholesale company can seem tough, but it is best to explore your options and research which is best to deliver to your area, a big trusted wholesaler, with testimonials from previous happy customers, is always the safest bet when buying in bulk. Once you find the right wholesaler for your company, it’s best to build a relationship, and the ordering process will become much smoother.

Qualities Of A Good CBD Wholesale Company Infographic

Now that you’ve quickly run through these qualities, keep reading to know how they work and why they’re important.

1. Conducts Third-Party Quality Testing

Because of the quick rise, the CBD market has become crowded with subpar products. According to the latest report undertaken by a group of academics in partnership with many other research institutions, 69 percent of CBD products included amounts of CBD that were either higher or lower than the quantity indicated on the product label. With so much poor CBD on the market, working with a CBD distributor who conducts third-party testing on their products goes a long way toward increasing consumer trust. A reputable CBD concentrate wholesale company will be eager to demonstrate that their product is what it claims to be.

2. Offers Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Cannabidiol is available in two forms: isolates and full-spectrum! Isolates are nothing more than a chemical molecule containing CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains not only CBD but also a variety of other useful components that are created alongside the CBD as the hemp plant is refined. Such as fatty acids, vitamins, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, each having its own set of advantages.

Whereas isolates are just like a single hamburger, a full spectrum is like a full lunch buffet. Because they recognize the advantages associated with CBD, most CBD-savvy consumers seek out full-spectrum CBD solutions. Make sure that your CBD distributor sells full-spectrum products as they’re labelling.

3. Products Contain Multiple Carrier Oils

CBD oils are a combination of CBD and carrier oil. Carrier oils assist in delivering CBD to the body and frequently have their own advantages. MCT, hemp seed, and olive oil are the most frequent carrier oils. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Inquire about the carrier oil or oils used in your prospective CBD wholesaler’s blends. Offering products that utilize multiple carrier oils can attract potential clients with a strong affinity for one in particular.

4. CBD Products are Verified THC-Free

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid found in hemp. THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana, is present as well. THC is completely removed from high-quality CBD products. CBD aficionados would not want to take the chance of testing positive for THC suddenly. Because eliminating THC is costly, not every grower goes the extra mile. Check with CBD concentrate wholesale companies to ensure that their products are THC-free.

5. Domestic CBD Sourcing and Production

While various countries are moving ahead in hemp cultivation, it is best to go with a home manufacturer. Farming and refining procedures are better controlled in some nations than others, so if you’re sourcing overseas, you’ll need to do your homework. Because of this, U.S. purchasers frequently seek CBD produced in the United States or Canada. Thus supplying CBD products derived from hemp farming in the United States is a great selling point with potential customers if you’re headquartered in the United States.

6. Offers Organic CBD Options

Hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning that it absorbs a variety of chemicals from its growing atmosphere. Toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides can all be present if not cultivated organically. Many of these concerns are alleviated by using organically grown CBD. Organic CBD is more pricey, but keeping organic CBD products on hand might help you connect with conscious customers who are prepared to pay a premium for potentially safer products. CBD concentrate wholesale companies that offer organic options have a competitive advantage in a crowded industry.

7. Have a Reputation for Good Service

The top CBD and hemp oil sellers have a track record of providing excellent customer service and on-time order fulfilment. Before deciding on a source, look for reviews from other stores online. Is it possible for them to fill orders fast, or are their products regularly back-ordered? Is it simple to contact this CBD concentrate wholesale company? Do they respond quickly to queries? Try them out for yourself by making a phone call and sending an email. Were they quick to respond? Was their representative courteous and prompt in answering your questions? Were they open to sending you product samples for testing?

8. Offer a Variety of CBD Products

CBD is available in a variety of forms, including oils and edibles. A reliable CBD concentrate wholesale company provides a wide range of products. Examine their product catalogue to ensure that they have everything you want to get.

9. Labeling Options for CBD Wholesale

Some CBD and hemp distributors allow you to label your products. Finding a CBD concentrate wholesale company ready to label your CBD-based products is essential if you want to launch your own line of CBD-based products.

10. Appealing Packaging Options

Whether you want to resale another brand or white label your own, you’ll need appealing packaging. What’s on the outside is important. Make sure that the design of your packaging, including the label, corresponds to the message that your company is attempting to express. There is simply no substitute for properly designed packaging and labeling that adhere to basic design standards. Consumers have many options in the CBD retail industry, and a high-quality CBD label will assist draw attention.

11. Competitive Wholesale Program

Several companies are more generous with their wholesale programs than others. When it comes to pricing, make sure the CBD concentrate wholesale company you choose sells their items at a low enough cost so you can keep a decent profit margin.

Finding the Best CBD Concentrate Wholesale Company

Choosing the proper wholesale partner is the most important decision you’ll make if you want to enter the fast-developing CBD marketplace. Because they are not all made equal, it is vital to perform your research first. Knowing what is most important and asking the correct questions can help you select a CBD concentrate wholesale company that will help your business succeed. At State Of Mind Labs, we’ve worked with a range of consumers by offering our organic CBD products. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding CBD products and to assist you in selecting the right sort of product according to your needs.

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