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General Product Information: State of Mind Labs proudly presents our premium CBD gummies. Each gummy is packed with 20 mg of the finest CBD, harvested from organically grown hemp plants. We ensure 600 mg of pure bliss in every bottle. Our commitment to quality means no artificial additives or fillers, just pure, natural ingredients.


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Follow the instructions on the bottle for the recommended serving size. Start slow and increase dosing as you see fit. CBD is a reasonably safe compound and can be increased as needed.


Yes, you must be 18 years or older to purchase and use this product.



If you have sensitivities to THC or any cannabis-derived products, we strongly advise against purchasing this item. Exercise caution when using. We recommend enjoying this product safely within your residence and abstaining from driving or operating heavy machinery afterward. Always consult with a medical professional before introducing any new product into your regimen.


Purchase and consumption are the sole responsibility of the consumer. Even though this product is derived from hemp, please handle it with the same care you would a marijuana product, given its similarities to that of marijuana. State of Mind Labs cannot be held liable for any third-party confiscations or related consequences.

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