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Potential Of THCV Isolate

Cannabis has grown in popularity due to changes in legislation, and availability.

Many people know the cannabinoid THC and even the lesser-known CBD. But many cannabinoids have advantages of their own. Cue the THCV.

Introducing THCV Isolate

When you consume cannabis, they attach to particular receptors in your body, allowing you to impact your physical and mental states.


These receptors can be found throughout the body, including the immune system, neurological system, brain, and stomach. Cannabinoid THCV is regarded as a “neutral antagonist.” In layman’s words, THCV works on the same receptors as THC, but it blocks them rather than activates them. This neutral antagonist effect has demonstrated promising results when separated.


If you want to be in the weeds, the distinction between THC and THCV comes down to a slightly different chemical structure. THC has five carbon atoms in its side chain, whereas THCV has three.

How Does THCV isolate Compare To THC?

It’s difficult to give a definitive answer!


“Anecdotally, people are reporting that when [THCV] is used in combination with THC, THCV can decrease [the intoxicating] effects of THC,” says Jonathan Vaught, Ph.D., CEO of Front Range Biosciences, a hemp genetics firm.


Front Range Biosciences creates THCV-rich strains. Traditionally, these strains were challenging to produce and process because they couldn’t be easily scaled up due to low demand and an expensive isolation technique.

“It’s a little less apparent” for

THCV isolate

on its own, according to Vaught.


Along with THC, THCV is commonly detected in cannabis products. He adds that if the cannabinoid is isolated, refined, and “placed into stuff,” it’s unclear whether it’s intoxicating at all.


Now, let’s go through the difference between THCV and THC through the infographic given below:

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