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Water Soluble CBD Powder





Our Water-Soluble CBD Powder efficiently mixes into your favorite drinks. It has up to ten times the absorption rate of CBD oil in the stomach. It’s made with organically cultivated hemp and advanced technologies. It has far better bioavailability and, consequently, more potency per gram.

This water-soluble CBD powder is also more adaptable than oil-based hemp extracts, allowing it to be readily incorporated into any meal or beverage. It comes in powder form and has been purified to its purest CBD form, with no detectable traces of THC.

This powder is suitable for DIY and manufacturing CBD-infused beverages and drinks. CBD isolate is the primary material utilized in the production of water-soluble CBD powder. Our premium-quality CBD isolate is the market leader, found in hundreds of various goods throughout the world.

The water-soluble CBD powder has a consistent crystal size. It can be used in cold or hot beverages, as well as in a dry powdered mix with other substances. Contact us right now to discover more about this unique powder and how to obtain it at a reasonable price.


What are the Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD Powder?

Water-soluble CBD powder is preferred by consumers and producers for numerous reasons:

  • It is easier to take everywhere than oil.
  • Better bioavailability suggests greater efficacy even at lower doses.
  • It is easier to include in food, but mainly in numerous drinks and beverages.
  • Because water-soluble CBD has a higher concentration in the blood, it may aid in circumstances where CBD oil has failed to help.
  • It can be mixed into a variety of beverages without changing the formula or recipe.
  • Capability to manufacture a wider range of CBD goods.
  • Higher and more consistent health benefits for customers translate into better client loyalty and brand value.

Is Water Soluble Powder Safe?

To assure potency and quality, we extensively test all of our goods at every stage of the manufacturing procedure. Our stringent testing procedures ensure that our goods are free of pesticides and solvents while also validating the precise cannabinoid ratios present.

Can I Order Water Soluble Powder in Bulk?

Depending on your demands, our water-soluble CBD powder is available in a variety of bulk amounts and cannabinoid ratios. Water-soluble cannabis powder has a shelf life of 1.5 to 2 years. It is ideal for tea bags, drink droppers, and cannabinoid-rich hemp flakes.

Why Choose State of Mind Labs for Water-Soluble CBD Powder?

State of Mind Labs is a cannabis company based in the United States that specializes in the wholesale cannabidiol market. We are driven by our desire to provide cannabis consumers with consistently high-quality products that are simple and easy to use, as well as a genuine and superior alternative to the well-known CBD oil.

As a result, our manufacturing team, which has years of experience in cannabis technology, began producing water-soluble CBD powder. We developed a premium water-soluble CBD powder that is unique in the industry and offers practically limitless options for additional processing and dosing formulations.

Our cutting-edge cannabis formulation is created by trained professionals in accordance with food safety regulations. Our product has been tested in a third-party laboratory, allowing us to guarantee consistent quality with no THC. Because of our perfected patented method, the finished product is exceptionally stable and has a long shelf life.

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