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HHC Distillate For Sale

At State Of Mind Labs, our bulk HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is produced entirely from hemp and is 100% lawful in the United States, and offers 99% HHC. We have wholesale HHC distillate purchasable. Our specialized cutting-edge extraction equipment can handle huge quantities promptly and consistently sustain supplies.

HHC distillate is derived from the hemp plant but contains no THC. HHC Distillate is the complete deal! It has stronger psychotropic effects than Delta-8 (similar to Delta-9) yet has many of the exact advantages as CBD! It also has a better shelf life than the majority of other cannabinoids. The storage should be the same; a cool, dark place is preferred. HHC Distillate is sticky than Delta-8, but it is more durable and can handle higher temperatures!

Contact Us Directly or at stateofmindlabs@gmail.com 

Due to strict government regulations and the high standard of care we put into every order shipped to Japan, we have to have a separate price list that only uses products consisting of non detectable levels of THC. We still maintain absolute industry leading prices to Japan, find out why we are the best international cannabinoid wholesale company around!


What is HHC Distillate?

HHC is produced from hemp THC, transformed into CBD, and then homogenized into HHC distillate. HHC provides a hemp-derived THC cannabinoid feeling that is not actual THC.

The hemp-derived cannabinoid HHC distillate has a great deal of potential for people finding for a unique high. With the plethora of hemp-derived cannabinoids overtaking the nation, delta-8 THC, D8 THC-O, and delta-10 THC, to name a few, have gained the public’s grasp more than HHC.

What Are The Effects And Benefits Of HHC?

The HHC cannabinoid’s potential advantages and effects are mostly anecdotal, leading to a shortage of scientific data. HHC effects, according to those who have consumed it, are comparable to THC, namely, euphoria, different auditory & visual perception, and alterations in cognition.

In the perspective of relaxation, you should expect results similar to delta-8-THC. On the other hand, some consumers report feeling more energized and having a clearer mind. Aside from the possibility of pain relief, HHC may provide the following advantages:

  • Anxiety alleviation
  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Intoxication of the brain and body
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Sleeping better
  • Symptoms of nausea and vomiting reduction


People with a weak THC capacity can take HHC with care because it is more than 50% as powerful as delta-9-THC. Start with no more than 3-5mg to see how it influences your mind and system.

How Will I Feel If I Take HHC Distillate?

HHC distillate is solely supported by anecdotal data. According to users, HHC distillate provides a pleasurable and slightly cerebral high and some pain alleviation. Although hemp-derived HHC distillate does not include THC, it provides a comparable feeling with little psychoactivity. Even though HHC distillate has a THC-like impact on the body and mind, it is less powerful milligram per milligram than delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC is typically thought to be roughly half as powerful as regular delta-9 THC.

Can Distillate Get You High?

HHC appears to fit in between delta-9 THC and CBD in terms of its impact. HHC is a psychoactive cannabinoid; however, it does not seem as potent as delta-9. As a result, you may put HHC in a similar category as delta-8 or delta-10 THC.

Furthermore, many hemp users say that HHC has very comparable effects to delta-10. Each of these cannabinoids tilts toward the “Sativa-end” of the spectrum, producing euphoria and a “head-buzz.” Delta-8, on the other hand, apparently causes great relaxation and sedation.

Consumers say “Sativa lite” qualities are better served by HHC products. This cannabinoid will not make you “baked,” but it could give a pleasant “lift” during the day.

People new to HHC should be aware that it contains psychotropic qualities. Indeed, HHC is less potent than THC-O, but it’s also not as light as CBD. If this is your first attempt dealing with HHC extract, continue carefully.

What Is The Difference Between Isolate And Distillate?

The highest purified version of hemp accessible is cannabidiol isolate. This product is derived from the additional processing of CBD distillate. Full-spectrum hemp distillate has less than .3% THC. But there is a slight possibility that you will test positive for THC, compromising your work or benefits.

And that is where CBD isolate excels; even if the product has no THC, users can still feel euphoric after taking it. There are no cannabinoids other than CBD in isolate. It is appropriate for persons whose employment needs a drug test for THC. There is also no “high” related to the usage of CBD isolate, which is advantageous for those who have to treat during the day without becoming compromised.

The most frequent alternative to CBD isolate is a distillate, which extracts as a yellow-amber honey-like liquid when it comes to hemp items. The high-quality distillate is generally highly viscous, with a light golden hue and no flavor or odor.

CBD distillate is available with a wide or complete spectrum of cannabinoids. The THC is the distinction between these names. Broad-spectrum distillates contain all of the same components as full spectrum distillates, but the THC has been excluded. This is huge for users who want the entourage effect without the danger of consuming THC. As a result, THC-free distillate is typically the most costly CBD derivative on the market.

How Is HHC Distillate Made?

As mentioned in the introduction, HHC producers employ a well-known chemical method in the food sector. If the name of this cannabinoid didn’t give it away, we’re discussing “hydrogenation.”

Yes, the same technique that extends the shelf life of margarine and cooking oils might be utilized to increase the shelf life of cannabis. And hydrogenation makes HHC one of the cannabinoids with the longest half-life.

Surprisingly, scientists were also experimenting with HHC in the 1940s. Because non-psychoactive cannabinoids were not generally recognized at the time, these scientists converted delta-9 THC in to HHC. Because of its advantageous legal position, hemp-derived CBD is now used as the beginning cannabinoid in most HHC products.

Without becoming too technical, hydrogenation is assigning extra hydrogen atoms to a certain item. Chemists often employ a solvent mixture to dissolve any double bonds and replace them with hydrogen atoms.

Because of its homogeneous hydrogen structure, HHC is remarkably immune to deterioration. Sure, HHC will degrade over time, but not as fast as non-hydrogenated cannabinoids. One of HHC’s major benefits is its long shelf life, which might be very useful as corporations look for methods to make their cannabis products stay longer.

Are The Rumors True? — Is HHC Undetectable On Drug Tests?

HHC contains several possible medicinal qualities, but one doubtful property always piques consumers’ interests. We’re discussing HHC’s alleged “undetectability” on drug tests if you haven’t noticed.

This characteristic, more than the unique “high,” may pique the attention of more individuals in HHC. Some hemp supporters feel that HHC is the holy grail of “highs” since it enables you to smoke over your lunch break without losing your work.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no guarantee that HHC will not be detected in the test. Indeed, given HHC’s long-lasting structure and connection to THC, drug tests are likely to misidentify this molecule as delta-9 THC.

If you are worried about drug testing, do not use HHC products. Until we have confirmed the opposite, you should approach HHC the same way you would delta-8, THC-O, or delta-10 THC generated from hemp (i.e., avoid using it for roughly a week before drug tests).

Is HHC legal?

Because HHC is present in hemp plant seeds and pollen, many believe it to be a non-synthetic and completely legally legal hemp extract. Other experts are less sure.

They argue that HHC is covered under the Federal Analogue Act, which specifies any compound similar to a Schedule I drug. In this case, conventional THC—would classify as a Schedule I drug in its own right. Because THC is still illegal, HHC would be as well.

For the time being, HHC distillate items lie in a gray area between hemp (which is legal in the U.S.) and marijuana (which is not). Until HHC distillate is subject to governmental regulation, individuals must consider the hazards and advantages of these chemicals for themselves.

How to Use HHC Distillate?

HHC, like delta 8 THC and CBD, may be ingested in the same way. The type of ingestion will decide when the effects will become apparent.


The product may be used to refill HHC vape cartridges. Vaping has a sudden onset of effects. When you breathe in the vapor, it enters your lungs and travels directly to your bloodstream. Expect the high to kick in within a few moments. The impact lasts between two and three hours on average.


Tinctures can be made by combining HHC with MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil. Tinctures can be used for sublingual delivery or to make delicacies enriched with HHC. When given under the tongue, the impacts should be felt within a few mins. When consumed as an edible, let at least one to two hours for the benefits to take effect.


HHC can also be infused into meals. Gummies, baked products, pastries, and other delicacies can be made. Remember that HHC has nearly the same effects and strength as delta 9 THC. So, calculate your dose based on your THC tolerance level.

Why Buy Bulk HHC Distillate From State Of Mind Labs?

State Of Mind Labs strives to give you unique cannabis pleasures by providing access to high-quality cGMP-certified products derived from various cannabinoids. Our HHC distillate is made from 100% legal hemp, giving more people the option to try out new and intriguing recreational products.

We have the top-notch standard, offer insured shippings, and have fairest pricing on the market. You may take a look around. We are adamant about our pricing! You will not find a fair price anywhere else on the web for this product sourced from Colorado, USA. We collaborate with the market’s top hemp suppliers. They can, in fact, strive to undercut our pricing.

If you’ve experienced delta 8 and delta 10, you’ll love the unique high of HHC. Buy now or contact us to learn more!

Our HHC Distillate is 99.7% pure HHC isolate. We offer the highest quality and lowest prices in the market, feel free to look around. We are highly confident in our pricing!

Sourced from Colorado, USA you will not find cheaper prices anywhere else on the web. We work with the largest hemp suppliers on the market. Really, they can try and beat our prices.

HHC Distillate is commonly used for edibles and making flavored vapes with the liquid! It is extremely versatile when its in distillate form. If you are looking for HHC for sale choose State Of Mind Labs!

Additional Information

HHC Distillate Bulk |Buy 99% Pure HHC Bulk

HHC Distillate For Sale In Bulk Liter Bottle

Our bulk HHC distillate (Hexahydrocannabinol) is made purely from hemp, is completely legal in the United States, and contains 99% HHC. HHC wholesale is available to the public.

Our specialized state-of-the-art extraction facility can handle huge orders promptly and consistently maintain supplies. If you need to offer the finest HHC bulk products at your business, whether it is a physical store or a digital retail location, you should look into State Of Mind Labs’ HHC bulk options.

Why Choose State Of Mind Labs?

We are keenly mindful of what hemp consumers desire, and we offer a wide array of fascinating and cutting-edge products made with multiple in-demand cannabinoids, as well as HHC distillate.

Our HHC bulk products are all created with organically cultivated plant material and clean substances and have passed thorough third-party testing to verify that the quality fulfills consumer expectations.

Unparalleled HHC Distillate Quality 

We are glad to have a reputation for providing some of the highest-quality hemp HHC bulk products in the industry today. 

State Of Mind Labs is a brand that hemp enthusiasts recognize, as our quality standards are far beyond the competition. Our HHC bulk products are devoid of toxins and other undesired substances, evidenced by our lab-testing approach. 

Our HHC bulk is free of fillers and chemicals, and our vapes include only pure, organically produced hemp ingredients. You can feel more at ease utilizing their items because you know what they’re putting into their bodies.

An Ample Array of HHC Bulk Products 

It’s obvious that no two hemp consumers are the same since each has their aims in mind while experimenting with new cannabis, as well as personal wants and interests that can differ from one person to the next. This means that companies must work hard to meet all types of individual consumer wants by providing a diverse range of HHC wholesale items from which to pick.

When you choose State Of Mind Labs as your bulk HHC distillate product distributor, you’ll be able to provide both HHC distillate tinctures and HHC distillate vapes with various options that enable users to customize their experience. Our vapes are available in a wide range of strains, allowing everyone to have the one-of-a-kind experience they desire while also feeling that you are willing to satisfy their specific needs.

Fresh HHC Bulk Products

Cannabinoids, like HHC distillate, decay over time, which is why we place a premium product freshness. Our compositions are never kept on the shelves for too long, so you can be confident that by the time a product hits the hands of a client, it is fresh, powerful, and flavorful.

We don’t simply sell our brand-name HHC bulk products at State Of Mind Labs. Our wholesale program allows you to select items from top-rated businesses in the industry, with names that hemp lovers are familiar with. Profits, without a doubt, come first – otherwise, you can’t survive as a firm. 

By selecting State Of Mind Labs as your HHC bulk distributor, you will be able to sell our products to consumers at highly reasonable costs!

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