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H4-CBD Distillate

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H4 CBD Distillate For Sale

Our H4CBD Distillate is hydrogenated CBD oil that is 99% pure. It has a 100 times higher binding affinity to CB1 receptors than normal CBD. H4CBD is psychoactive, however, its true potency has yet to be determined. Because our H4CBD distillate has less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC, it is federally legal in the United States. Contact us to learn more about this new and unique cannabinoid.

State of Mind Labs has become one of the first companies in the hemp industry to sell this novel cannabinoid and offers it worldwide where hemp is legal. H4CBD is a rare, one-of-a-kind, and exceptionally beneficial cannabinoid derived from hemp plants. State of Mind Labs offers hemp-related shop owners high-quality H4CBD distillate in bulk or wholesale at a reasonable price.

Our wholesale or bulk H4CBD distillate package is perfect for hemp stores and other online suppliers of hemp-derived goods. We have a pesticide-free, solvent-free, additive-free, and heavy metal-free batch on hand to meet your H4CBD compound needs. At State of Mind Labs, H4CBD distillate is made in small quantities to maintain quality assurance throughout the production process.

So, if you have any queries about our pure H4CBD distillate, feel free to contact us through our website or phone number or make your purchase through our online store. We will safely deliver the order to the specified address in the allowed states. You don’t have to be concerned about your location because State of Mind Labs exports H4CBD distillate in bulk or wholesale to various countries, including Japan.



What is H4CBD?

H4CBD, also known as Hydrogenated CBD, is a CBD that has been totally hydrogenated. First discovered in the 1940s by Jacob A Todd, it was reproduced by Gaillily et Al.. They demonstrated the binding affinity to the CB1 receptor and anti-inflammatory ability. In mouse models, Scialdone treated U87 cells with hydrogenated CBD and saw a decrease in tumor weight during 48 hours.

H4CBD is a psychoactive version of CBD with a structure similar to the HHC compound but lacking elements such as a double bond. H4CBD has both R and S diastereomers, with R being more potent than S diastereomers. H4CBD, like HHC, is created by hydrogenating the CBD molecule. Hydrogenating delta 8 THC produces HHC, while hydrogenating CBD produces H4CBD compound.

The hydrogenation process is used to produce this completely hydrogenated version of CBD. Hydrogenation is a chemical procedure that involves the addition of hydrogen atoms to a chosen molecule. This method is employed in the food and health industries; for instance, margarine is made by hydrogenating vegetable oil. This new Hydrogentated CBD may be the next big thing in the hemp industry.

Effects of H4CBD

H4-CBD has a binding affinity for the CB1 receptors in the body that is 100 times higher than regular CBD. Despite having a 100 times binding affinity for the CB1 receptor when contrasted to CBD, H4CBD is significantly milder and non-intoxicating than THC. However, it is a soft to moderate cannabimimetic agent, meaning it has a strong uplifting but calming effect.

H4CBD differs from CBD isolate in that it persists as oil at purity levels higher than 99%. H4CBD’s mood-enhancing qualities are extremely moderate, equivalent to coffee or nicotine rather than THC. H4CBD is CBD that you can feel. H4CBD is maybe the future of hemp-derived cannabinoids. it can be incorporated into vapes in a pure form to generate a moderate, stress-relieving bliss without euphoria.

Is H4CBD Legal?

Yes, H4CBD is federally legal in the United States as long as it is produced from the hemp plant and has less than 0.3% THC. Just because H4CBD is allowed on a federal level does not mean it is legal in every state. States may pass legislation imposing additional restrictions or outright prohibiting the sale of H4CBD products. Before purchasing any H4CBD product, it is necessary to research any state legislation that may be in effect.

Will H4CBD get me High?

Despite having 100 times the binding affinity of CBD, H4CBD will not get you high like THC. It does have an effect on your consciousness. You may feel more relaxed, less in pain, and more at ease. It is a relatively new compound on the hemp market with no solid scientific study, therefore use with caution. At State of Mind Labs, we only use hemp plant material to produce H4CBD distillate, which means you don’t have to worry about marijuana-like high.

Why Choose State of Mind Labs For H4CBD Distillate?

We obtain high-quality hemp from Colorado farms, which we process and utilize to produce H4CBD distillate and other H4CBD products as our customers worldwide request. At State of Mind Labs, you can rebrand our low-cost H4CBD distillate with your logo and further details. We will help you choose your own rates while also aiding you with your hemp company.

Best Price & Safe Shipping

State of Mind Labs is the sole choice for merchants searching for a qualified and respected wholesaler in the hemp market when it comes to price and a diverse assortment of high-quality cannabis items online. We make every effort to give the most relevant goods to the market at wholesale prices. We are committed to offering our clients assured delivery while keeping the greatest level of goods quality.

Third-party Quality Assurance

We understand how simple it is to talk positively about your product, thus we consult with extra specialists. Third-party cannabis labs have comprehensive access to our supply chain, from raw ingredients to finished items. To assure the purity of our H4CBD distillate, we first test it for potentially harmful components. Following that, we submit our H4CBD distillate to a reputable cannabis testing facility to ensure product purity.

cGMP Certified

Because we are cGMP-certified, you will only get the most refined H4CBD distillate. cGMPs are critical regulatory procedures used to ensure the safety and quality of food products, medicines, and supplements. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States follows strict rules to protect consumers’ health. Although the hemp industry is not officially regulated by the FDA, we adhere to these guidelines since our clients deserve the best.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customer service will also give you special attention and help you with any H4CBD distillate information you require. This includes consulting with the cannabis sector, acquiring authorization and licenses, regulatory status, promotional plans, assured worldwide distribution, and product line expansion. Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your H4CBD distillate need.

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