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Our bulk CBDV Isolate with wholesale prices is highly reasonable than competitors and manufactured in a high-quality lab environment. Colorado is the country’s leading hemp grower spot, so our rates represent this straight to our clients. We provide some of the purest CBDV isolates available on the cannabis market.

When you experience our quality, you’ll wonder why we didn’t move to State Of Mind Labs before. Our shipments are secured and made with the utmost care. At State Of Mind Labs, we know the significance of these valuable orders and go to great lengths to ensure that you receive your item in the same quality it left the lab.

Due to strict government regulations and the high standard of care we put into every order shipped to Japan, we have to have a separate price list that only uses products consisting of nondetectable levels of THC. We still maintain absolute industry-leading prices in Japan. Find out why we are the best international cannabinoid wholesale company around!

Contact Us Directly For Bulk CBDV Pricing- Purchasing through traditional payment methods is very high fees. We can avoid this using e-check or some other form of payment. Our CBDV Isolate is priced better than any other competitors around and is being produced in top-quality laboratory conditions. Colorado is the nation’s largest producer of hemp, and our prices directly reflect this to our customers. We offer some of the cleanest CBDV Isolates in the cannabinoid game. Once you see our quality, your only thought will be why didn’t we switch to State Of Mind Labs sooner.

Our orders are insured and prepared with extreme caution. We at State Of Mind Labs understand the importance of these high-value orders and take extra preparations to ensure that you get your product in the exact condition it left the lab in.

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Contact Us Directly  or at

We are quick to respond and have very competitive bulk pricing.




What Is CBDV Isolate?

CBDV isolate is a CBD homolog found in cannabis plants. CBD isolate doesn’t include THC in any way. It is most commonly available in crystalline pellets or powdered purest CBD. Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is found in tiny amounts in the Cannabis plant; however, it is frequently found in CBD isolate.

It has the shape of a white, crystalline powder, and its properties have yet to be deeply researched. The CBDV Isolate, like all of APO’s isolated products, adheres to our ‘high purity single compound’ approach. CBDV has a comparable legal position in many areas due to its many characteristics (including its non-psychoactivity).

What Is The Difference Between CBD And CBDV?

CBD and CBDV are basically closely similar. The sole distinction between the two is the number of carbon atoms in one side chain. CBD has a pentyl group, which implies it contains 5 carbons in its chain. CBDV has a propyl group, which implies it just has 3 carbons.

The variation of two carbon atoms is sufficient to change how these compounds act with the system. Everything is impacted, from receptor binding and strength to absorption and metabolism. CBD is the more powerful cannabinoid in terms of general pain and inflammation. It has also been shown to be more effective in treating seizures and obsessive-compulsive behavior. CBD is also more bioavailable in the brain (roughly 40 percent more bioavailable).

CBDV’s capacity to connect with TRP channels is where it excels. CBDV could become more beneficial for disorders affecting these ion channels, including neuropathic pain, muscular dystrophy, and an autism spectrum disorder.

What Does CBDV Help With?

CBD and CBDV contain identical chemical compositions, excluding the propyl chain present in CBDV. Yet, both have shown anticonvulsant effects in tests. THC is recognized to produce effects through interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, resulting in the desired pleasant buzz.

That is not the same with CBDV. It acts on the capsaicin receptor TRPV1. CBDV has anti-epileptic characteristics and is used in the medical profession to potentially treat seizures. This cannabinoid also stimulates the TRPA1 and TRPV2 ion channels, lowering neuronal hyperexcitability and epileptic activity. Furthermore, CBDV has been shown to give nearly the same effects as CBD.

Such as promoting calm and muscular recovery, alleviating chronic pain, reducing tension and anxiety, and enhancing sleep quality. CBDV, on the other hand, is more suited for migraines, seizures, neuropathic pain, and other related diseases.

What Are Isolated Cannabinoids?

Isolated cannabinoids are made using the chromatography purification phase, resulting in 99 percent purity and zero THC levels. Based on the customer’s requirements, our CBDV isolates are offered pure or with the inclusion of purified hemp terpenes.

CBDV isolates are utilized as a middle step in manufacturing final products. Because of the untraceable THC ratios and maximum purity form, the crystals crushed into a powder shape are the first option for many cosmetic makers.

How Do You Isolate CBDV?

CBDV is not found in all cannabis plants. CBDV is obtained from landrace Indica cannabis strains with greater CBD than THC. Marijuana plants have more quantities of CBDV. So CBDV is most typically derived from them. The cannabis plant is grown in its natural environment without being crossbred with other plants of the same species, referred to as a landrace.

These plants are usually found in Pakistan, India, and Mexico. Because landrace cannabis plants are separated from other cannabis plants to eliminate crossbreeding, they are increasingly difficult to find. The political and legal environment surrounding landrace marijuana has also impacted the production of CBDV isolate.

Is CBDV Legal?

CBDV produced from marijuana is federally banned and is classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Marijuana has been legalized in several states for medical or recreational purposes. Marijuana derivatives, particularly CBDV, are lawful in states that have legalized marijuana.

CBDV produced from hemp with no higher than 0.3 % THC is authorized nationally because of the 2018 Farm Bill. This Bill granted governments the authority to further control hemp crops, which several states already do by eliminating any trace of THC. Though hemp-derived CBDV is hard to obtain, it is lawful in all regions as long as it complies with state THC limits.

How To Take CBDV Isolate?

CBDV isolate is extremely adjustable and can be used for various applications. While the general properties of CBDV stay consistent, there may be minor differences in the effects in various products. There are more methods to consume CBDV, but these three are the most prevalent.

Under The Tongue

Because of the rapid effects, beneath the tongue is the preferred way of eating any tincture oil product. The CBDV elements are brushed up into the circulation by the sublingual glands, which are situated behind the tongue. They begin functioning in minutes. The only method to receive the advantages quickly is to smoke or vape.

Topical Applications

Anti-inflammatory benefits can be gained by topical treatments or by physically massaging CBDV Isolate into the skin. Although CBDV applied directly to the skin is not equally distributed throughout the body, so don’t assume any mental impacts. This is ideal for aches and pains in a specific body portion. You can combine the CBDV Isolate with other lotions for more cost-effective use.

As a Drink Additive

If you enjoy putting supplements into your beverages, CBDV isolate is an excellent choice. Mixing CBDV isolates to your water, tea, or coffee is a subtle technique that delivers long-lasting results. CBDV can potentially last longer when consumed orally, though the results are not as quick as when given sublingually. A dash of MCT cream can assist in making CBDV more bioavailable and efficient. MCTs are typically created in a lab by mixing coconut and palm kernel oils.

Get Bulk CBDV Isolate For Sale!

State Of Mind Labs is willing to assist you with all of your bulk CBDV Isolate requirements! When you buy from us, you will receive an Isolate of continuous excellent quality for reselling or usage in the production of your own CBD goods. Our Isolate is an up-to-the-mark pick at a fair price. Because of cGMP certification, we can offer you wholesale CBDV Isolate powder and distillate or raw crude.

Our strict principles assure effectiveness and quality from source through testing. With a bulk CBDV isolate purchase, you get your investment back! When you purchase, wholesale costs for CBDV Isolate are substantially lower per gram or kilogram. If you think your brand will want more than a kilogram of CBD Isolate, it makes perfect sense to order in bulk.

Why State Of Mind Labs?

Our CBDV isolate products begin with organic, non-GMO hemp farmed in Colorado, United States. All of our cannabinoid items are prepared with high-quality, terpene-rich hemp extract lab-tested for quality and strength. We have a wide selection of cannabis products, so you’re sure to find something you want.

A third-party lab performs comprehensive full-panel testing on the Isolate to assess its cannabinoid composition and microbial presence. We can ensure that our CBDV Isolate is free of THC, pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities in these ways.

cGMP Certified

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is a regulation established by the FDA to control production processes to guarantee that goods entering the marketplace retain a great degree of purity, safety, and quality. Now, cGMP institutions are not needed in the hemp extracts market, but we know our customers deserve the best. Therefore, we built space and respected standards and criteria to assure superior quality.


Additional Information

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We Offer 99% Pure CBDV Isolates & CBDV Oils

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is non-psychoactive cannabis that does not provide the euphoric “high” sensation. It is more common in Indica strains, notably landrace Indica strains and strains with smaller tetrahydrocannabinol levels (THC).

CBDV truly is a next level cannabinoid that has the potential to be used for many great things. Unfortunately we can not mention them on here due to federal regulations, so please go do your research to learn about its true potential!

How Is CBDV Different From CBD?

You’ve definitely heard of CBD, so what exactly is CBDV? Why should you buy CBDV?

While CBD is fantastic, it is only one of over 100 distinct cannabinoid potential benefits. Cannabidivarin, or CBDV, is a cannabis-derived chemical molecule with a nearly identical molecular structure to CBD.

The propyl chain that CBDV carries is the only difference here. It’s one of numerous naturally occurring cannabinoid chemicals found in hemp and marijuana plants.

Potential Effects of CBDV

A great deal of research has been conducted to investigate the effects of CBDV isolate and CBDV oils. This research will be used in the coming years to make scientific progression.

Moreover, in a 2019 study, it was discovered to repair memory deficits in mice. CBDV isolate and CBDV oils may also help people with certain muscular diseases.

Potential Effects of CBDV

A great deal of research has been conducted to investigate the effects of CBDV isolate and CBDV oils. This research will be used in the coming years to make scientific progression.

Buy Premium CBDV Isolates and CBDV Oils

State Of Mind Labs is the CBD supplier company in the US, having CBDV, CBD & THCV in one complete full spectrum.

In complement to CBDV and CBD, our full-spectrum blend incorporates THCV. Our CBD products, bottled in Colorado, US, and created with all-natural substances, provide the best in high-quality, effective, and reasonably priced CBD.

Whether you’re looking to buy CBDV isolates or CBDV oils, we believe you can rely on us for the relief you need! Check out our CBDV for sale, you won’t be disappointed.

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