Overview Of The THCH Cannabinoid

The new THCH cannabinoid has been taking the industry by storm! We are here to help inform you on the things you need to know about this cannabinoid!

Overview Of The THCB Cannabinoid

The new THCB cannabinoid is very interesting and we are here to help bring a better understanding of it. See what makes THCB so unique!

What Is CBDP Used For?

CBDP is comparable to a super-CBD supplement. The new CBDP cannabinoid is definitely an interesting one that you should keep your eye on!

Comparing HHCO And HHCA

The HHCO cannabinoid is actually quite different from the HHCA cannabinoid. For starters, they have completely different potencies!

How Is Delta 8 Made?

The process of making Delta 8 is actually pretty simple. Delta 8 is the precursor to many cannabinoids, which is what makes it so special.